Elo Boosting – The Steroid of E-Sports?


The Arnold of Gaming

You know Arnold Schwarzenegger? Then I am sure you will get this reference. I am Larry from Livrare by the way!

While many players get to their divisions in League of Legends trough hard work and sweat, other tend or like to use shortcuts like those young boys in the gym using steroid. Keep in mind that I am talking about players who could not get there without using any stuff like this! Some call elo boosting the steroid of League of Legends, because you can get the results much faster and easier then the normal, like in body building if you use steroids, you can get bigger much faster! But what no many players realise that it is nonsense to use these kind of services, if you don’t have the skills or abilites to stay there. If you purchase Elo boosting to get to Platinum or Diamond, and you don’t have the assets to compete against better players, you will soon see yourself in Gold or Silver maybe Bronze again! Just like in body building, if you did not have the physique before using steroids, if you stop using them you will get back to being just as tiny as you were before you started using those shortcuts!

Professionals are Welcomed to Use it

As you can see Siv HD is a professional player. If he wants to he can get to Diamond without sweating hard. If Siv HD said, he didn’t have much time to actually get to that level, he could buy a service like elo boosting, watch as booster completes his work, then he can move on forward. He will not lose that position nor will he get to a lower divison, because he naturally have the assets to stay there. While beginner gamers who order a service like this, so they can brag about it to their friends that they are in a higher division than them, may get the work done, and from that point on they will straight go down to the division the belong to. That is why Riots Ranked system is genius, because you will not stay where you do not belong.

How much do People pay for this?

Will, it depends. You can buy Elo boosting for low as 10 dollars per boost. While if you want to get to a very high division, you will have to open your wallet. You can click here to see the prices of an official boosting company. If you are on the site, you can check out that if you would like to get to Master, you will have to pay exactly 1326 Dollars! That is a lot of money if you asked me. You can choose between paying per division or paying per wins. If you would like to get the best return over investment i would say choose pay per division, because you will get what you pay for. If you chose paying per wins, you may not get to anywhere with it.

Who to trust?

This is a hard question. Because of the large group of people who are interested in elo boosting, there is an entire market created for this. There are several boosting companies that you can choose from, but i personally recommend Amazing Boost or Boostroyal. I never purchased any kind of boosting like this, but my friends have and these two are the most liable ones. There are some that you cannot trust. I will not name any that use shady techniques to log into your League of Legends account, but trust me, there are several ones. They are using VPNs to emulate that they are from your country, but that is where they are wrong, because the IPs these softwares use are used by like hundreds of people already, so RIOT can easily cherry pick them, and ban those IP Adresses, resulting in you losing your account.

Heartstone Championship begins!


The Championship for Hearthstone will begin the 2016 Blizzcon!

This tournament will be the biggest gaming championship in the world! 16 Players from around the globe will battle against each other to show who is the best. They will duel each other for a 1 million dollar prize pool, and the title of “World Champion”. To be able to compete with these players, you must earn your place by playing ranked games in Hearthstone, Major Onsite Hearthstone tournaments, and online cups. If you gained enough points to move towards the Season Championships, you can compete there, and finally earn your place in the worlds.

The first event, where you can gain your points will be hosted at DreamHack Winter 2017 on November 26–29. Players will be able to play ranked games, and earn points until then.

Be sure to watch Blizzards official facebook page and website for more news! We will post here as well as soon as they say something new!

A Frequently asked question: Is Gaming a Sport?


E Sport is getting popular fast!

Professional gaming is getting more and more popular day by day! Because of the increasing need of games, and gamers and the widening of the digital media, the market for e-sport will reach more then 920 Million Dollars by 2016! That is a huge number!

Adults like to play as much as kids do, so the market for these kind of sport are growing every day! Because people love gaming, it became very popular very fast, this was the main reason behind e-sports. While watching games, or playing games alone can be entertaining and fun, but playing professionally with other players who are your friends, takes things to a new level!

If you work together well, you get the chance to see each other develop into a pro, and you can say playing with experienced players is very thrilling! But this is not all. The main reason most of the people compete in this specific are, is because of money. That is right! If you or your team wins a fight, you will get rewarded with money, and a lot of money.

But what makes E-sport and official sport?

Well basically, if the participants are professional gamers, and they are competing against each other in chosen video games. While you may get sponsored and payed for being a professional e-athlete, unless if you are very skilled or get into a big team, i don’t recommend looking at this as your day job. Of course, you can work on it until it becomes your day job, but it does not worth it unless you go big. This is basically because it is a very new market, and still needs to adapt to the business economy. Researches say that e-sport revenue will grow by 25 percent in only 2016. A lot of big brand and companies who would like to advertise their products like Razer and Intel are moving towards professional teams because they target the most attractive age group! The usual player age is between 18 and 35, and more of 80% of these people are men. According to researchers this market will quadruple itself in about 4 years!

The pace of E-sport

While this is gaining more and more popularity every day, it still yet can not contain against NFL or NBA. If we look at the revenues of those two markets, they are much higher then e-sports, but take in  mind e-sport has just began so give it a little time! Gamers are born every day, but the main source of the professional players are the ones who use a PC for gaming, or video editing. Shoutcasters also add a little bit of a taste to the game, as they like to play, and enjoy Leauge of Legends as well!